About SmartGoals

Developed by the Dutch company SmartSports, SmartGoals offer an endless variety of exercises to trainers and athletes. The system uses interactive training gates and lights to challenge players’ attention, reaction time, and the ability to make decisions quickly and under pressure.

Interactive Training Equipment

Infield Gaming

Extensive Exercises Database

Performance Tracker

Speed Timer

Using SmartGoals

Set-up and begin training in just five simple steps:


Select your exercise(s) or test(s)

Find your exercise in our extensive database or invent one yourself - the possibilities are endless.

Activate the SmartGoals

Push and turn the SmartLights into the SmartFrame with one easy motion.

Position the SmartGoals

Position the SmartGoals where you want to begin the exercise.

Play your game

Enjoy the training - SmartGoals will create dynamic and unexpected situations.

Evaluate and become better

Use the SmartApp and keep track of your results so you can continuously improve yourself.
Small boy running between SmartCones with football

SmartGoals help improve your:



Players that are consistently aware of their surroundings dominate the game. SmartGoals create new and unexpected situations on the field, encouraging you to become aware at all times.



Only the elite players are able to find solutions during chaotic situations. They are the best at processing information, anticipating movements and thinking ahead. Train your intelligence in the chaos SmartGoals creates.



Decision based training has proven to be the most effective way to improve agility. SmartGoals force you to repeatedly make decisions in split-seconds.


Reaction speed

How fast can you react? Increase the challenge with the time pressure function on the SmartGoals app and see you and your team grow.



When facing ever changing situations which SmartGoals facilitates, your team will master their communicative skills to find the way forward.



SmartGoals turn your training into an interactive game. By doing so, your players will be continuously running and won't notice they are working on their stamina.



Working as a team is key in sport. By repeatedly creating unexpected situations on the pitch, players have to work together effectively to get the best result.



Learning to keep your eyes focused on the field instead of the ball is one of the crucial areas to improving your performance. When using SmartGoals you are forced to look around.

The benefits of SmartGoals

Player benefits

  • Real life gaming on the field.  Always fun and challenging exercises.
  • Become a better version of yourself by tracking your performance.
  • Train like a pro. Improve your agility, awareness and football intelligence.
  • The extensive offer of exercises makes every training new and challenging.

Trainer benefits

  • The real-life gaming experience makes every training session more fun.
  • It is easy to set up a complete training session because of the many available online exercises and the easy of use of the SmartGoals.
  • Test, compare and improve all your players on speed, agility, awareness, passing accuracy and positionals games.
  • SmartGoals provides a trainer with more time to analyse what is happening on the field instead of managing the exercise.

Club benefits

  • Help your volunteers and trainers by making their life easy.  SmartGoals helps your volunteers and trainers to easily create dynamic and fun training sessions that connect with the next generation.
  • ‘The coolest tool in the neighbourhood’: SmartGoals attracts and connects members to your club.
  • Take your club to the next level and start training like a pro. Compare all teams and players on speed, agility and football intelligence with the SmartGoals App.
  • The 10-hour battery life makes sure that several teams can use it per day.
  • Integrate the SmartGoals easily into your club with our specialised documentation.

Team benefits

  • Have fun with your team and improve team chemistry by playing real-life fifa skill games with SmartGoals.
  • Challenge your team to find solutions in the chaos SmartGoals creates. Train your entire team on communication, positional game and collaboration.
  • Who is the best? Put every player to the test with the SmartGoals App and test speed, agility, passing accuracy, etc.


To improve individual experiences, SmartGoals are optimised for multiple sports.


“You can use SmartGoals in so many ways, with the ball, without the ball, as a warm-up tool, passing exercises, positional games and very challenging and exciting small sided games. Therefore, SmartGoals are a fantastic addition to any football club at any level in the world.”

Rene Meulensteen
Ex-Manchester United First Team Coach

“Training with SmartGoals improves spatial awareness of players. They need to know how to position themselves and how to turn in relation to this. They need to observe, process and act upon all of this, before they receive the ball that is coming towards them.”

Frank de Boer
Former Coach of Ajax / Internazionale / Crystal Palace / Dutch National Team (Assistant Coach)

“Training with SmartGoals forces players to process information quickly and make decisions in split-seconds.”

Hans van Breukelen
Former PSV / Technical Director Dutch Association