Case studies

SmartGoals focus on the development of coaches, players and clubs. The dynamic training system allows for coaches to adapt their sessions based on their players and ensure all involved benefit from every aspects of training. Check out SmartGoals case studies below:

Case study 1

“You can use SmartGoals in so many ways, with the ball, without the ball, as a warm-up tool, passing exercises, positional games and very challenging and exciting small sided games. Therefore, SmartGoals are a fantastic addition to any football club at any level in the world.”

Rene Meulensteen
Ex-Manchester United First Team Coach

Case study 2

“Training with SmartGoals improves spatial awareness of players. They need to know how to position themselves and how to turn in relation to this. They need to observe, process and act upon all of this, before they receive the ball that is coming towards them.”

Frank de Boer
Former Coach of Ajax / Internazionale / Crystal Palace / Dutch National Team (Assistant Coach)

Case study 3

“Training with SmartGoals forces players to process information quickly and make decisions in split-seconds.”

Hans van Breukelen
Former PSV / Technical Director Dutch Association