How long can I train with the SmartGoals?

When fully charged, you can train at least 8 hours with the SmartGoals. Depending on your training exercises it may even be more. If you also want to use the SmartRemote in combination with the SmartGoals SmartPhone App the SmartRemote has a battery time of roughly 6 hours.

How long does it take to fully charge the SmartLights?

If the batteries of the SmartLights are completely empty it takes 12 hours to fully charge them. If the batteries are not completely empty it can take much less time. The SmartLights will indicate that they are fully charged when they light up blue inside the charger.

How long does it take to fully charge the SmartRemote?

The SmartRemote has a Li-ion battery. This battery can be charged by connecting the SmartRemote with a micro usb-plug that’s plugged in a socket. Charging the battery from completely empty into fully charged lasts 4 hours.

How long does the battery last on the SmartRemote?

A fully charged SmartRemote lasts 8 hours with a bluetooth connection. Without bluetooth connection you can use the SmartRemote for 16 hours.


Can I measure scores and receive data from the SmartGoals?

Yes, SmartGoals is a versatile training tool which can measure scores and timing. These scores can be stored in values to keep track of the players performance. Depending on your exercises you can also use the SmartGoals as score counter within matches and even display it on large TV screens.

What is the maximum range of the SmartGoals?

The maximum range of the SmartGoals is 30 meters/100 feet. All the SmartGoals have a wireless transmitter to communicate with the other SmartGoals. Depending on your exercises you can even increase the training area to 50m.

What is the warranty when I buy a set?

From the day that you have bought a SmartGoals set, you will have a warranty period of exactly one year (365 days).

How do I connect the SmartRemote to the SmartApp?

The normal procedure to connect your phone with the SmartRemote is as followed:

1. Install the SmartGoals Sports app from the Android Play Store or App Store by searching for: “SmartGoals sport”.

  • Minimum Requirements for the mobile phone: iPhone 4s or Higher. (iOS 7.1 or higher)
  • Minimum requirements for android phone: Bluetooth Low Energy module should be available for the phone. Android version 18.0 or higher.

2. Open the SmartGoals Sports App.

  • If Bluetooth is disabled, the App asks permission to activate the Bluetooth. Select Yes and allow the app to enable Bluetooth.

3. Get the SmartRemote and Press the Bluetooth button on the remote.

  • The Bluetooth led (blue led) will start blinking signalling that the SmartRemote is turning on Bluetooth. The Bluetooth module will be available for 5 seconds to make a connection.

4. The SmartGoals Sports app will automatically start a connection with the SmartRemote.

  • If succesfull the red bar on top of the screen will be removed and you can start using the SmartGoals Sports App. The SmartRemote will have the blue led on continuously.

5. Good luck and have fun with the SmartGoals Measuring App.